Home To The $LUNA Relief Program & The World's First Educate2Earn dAPP. On A Mission To Educate Innovate And Compensate, Giving Back To Every Holder Affected By The Collapse.


- Fully Functional Educate2Earn dAPP.

- Huge Media Coverage, World's First  #EduMeme.

- Tokens Will Be Sent To "DEAD" On Regular Schedules.

- Jail Kwon Token Makes 500% Gain After Do Kwon Arrest Warrant Issued.

- $1Million Dollar Market Cap Reached.

Learn More About Why Jail Kwon Token Is The Hottest Token On The BNB Chain With A Plethora Of Utility Such As Staking, Play2Earn, NFT Collections And Their Revolutionary Educate2Earn Application. All Of Which Can Be Found On The Website And Whitepaper.

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Introducing the Educate to Earn Application!

Jail Kwon E2E Program

With the LUNA crash still fresh in people's minds and as many other Bridge Exploits and NFT hacks take place on a daily basis, our team decided to start a project trying to teach the community what to look out for when it comes to dangers in the crypto world.

We can't help thinking that if people had known how algorithmic stablecoins worked, there would have been fewer losses on record. Or if people learnt how to revoke sessions on smart contracts there could be fewer victims of phishing and NFT scams. These are just two examples of people losing their life savings due to being uneducated in the crypto space.

This is what first brought our attention to the idea of an Educate to earn application, a world first; it will allow you to post content that you think will be valuable to the crypto community and also advises other members of the crypto community on how to avoid bad investments and scams.

You can post informative content on Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter about how to stay safe online and upon content approval, you will receive airdrops of $JKWON.

Notice: E2E dAPP Is Now Fully Functional See Link Below.

This project couldn’t be achieved without

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Initial Token Split

JKWON price
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Circulating Market Cap
Circulating Supply
Total Market Cap
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2022 Q2
  • Inception - Project was born
  • Community Building - Socials / Brand Awareness 
  • Website Development
  • Contract Development - Pinksale SAFU Dev
  • KYC & AUDIT from Pinksale Partners
  • Aggresive Marketing Campaign prior to launch
  • Poocoin ads, Trending Dextools, Call Groups 
  • LaunchPad - Pinksale Fair Launch
  • <-------------SWIPE LEFT FOR Q3
2022 Q3
  • Sell Out Soft Cap Fair Launch (350BNB Target)
  • Pancake Swap Listing / LP Locked 365 Days
  • CMC / CoinGecko Listings 
  • Billboards In South Korea & USA
  • Press - CoinDesk, Investing.com, Benzinga, Yahoo, WSJ
  • Staking Protocol Begins - Staking Platform Released
  • Reach $1Million Dollar MarketCap
  • Launch Educate2Earn dApp
  • Community Rewards Program
  • Large Marketing Campaign From Marketing Wallet 
  • Send To "DEAD" Program 
  • Begin Development Of P2E Games 
  • Merch First Designs
2022 Q4
  • NFT Release - Access To Alpha Communities With Our Guru's
  • Exclusive Group classes on Discord about staying safe online
  • YouTube Educate 2 Earn channels
  • Transparency - Verified Supply on CoinMarketCap
  • First Major Crypto Event Held
  • Merch - WL Opens For NFT Holders
  • Jail Kwon P2E BETA Launch
  • Marketing - Global physical campaign
2023 Q1
  • Multichain - Bridge to ETH chain
  • KwontumSwap - (Beta)
  • Staking Program - KwontumSwap
  • Metaverse - NFT PFP collection
  • Marketing - Global digital campaign
2023 Q2
  • Exchange - First Tier 1
  • DAO - Governance Platform (Beta)
  • KwontumSwap - (v1.0) & Reward Token
  • NFTs to deposited in-game to earn staking rewards
  • 1 to 1 mentorship and group classes to begin
  • Short courses and podcasts on understanding mechanics of crypto
2023 Q3
  • Support to be given to charities
  • Awareness campaign on gambling responsibly
  • KwontumSwap - Lending & upgrades
  • Metaverse - Further NFT collections
  • IRL - Schedule meet ups in European city's
  • Strategic Partnerships - Bring on board Security Partners
  • Develop Revoke App - Smart Contract Session Revoker
  • Metaverse - JKWON Game enhancements
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Where can I get a $JKWON wallet?

Please take a look at the links below to find out where you can store your $JKWON

BSC & ETH Wallets (Bridged Chains)
Trust Wallet (Preferred)
Click here

Click here

Coinbase Wallet
Click here

How do I see $JKWON in my wallet?

You will need to add this contract to your wallet - 0x4C267653e851876dEdE1c90d494c2fC3F7F01178

Using the "Add Custom Token Feature" Please watch the video below.

See this helpful guide to add the JKWON token to your wallet!

Which Chain is Jail Kwon Token ($JKWON) available on?

BSC (BEP20) - Binance Smart Chain Contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4C267653e851876dEdE1c90d494c2fC3F7F01178  

How can i earn extra Jail Kwon Tokens ($JKWON)?

$JKWON rewards are up for grabs every day to those who participate in the community and social media. Create posts, memes, enter contests, help a fellow doggo in need, or even tip other people with your own tokens and it might rain $JKWON on you!

Enter our $JKWON giveaways on Twitter by checking the #giveaways channel. There are also weekly Twitter & Telegram contests.

P2E Gaming
$JKWON will be earned by playing our very own Jail Kwon P2E Metaverse game.

You will be able to stake $JKWON to earn extra percentages APY and also have the chance to add to the LP as well as staking $JKWON to get double staking rewards.